The mission of Concerned Connections is to develop and promote unique forms of communication, enabling people to traverse various cultural, economic, and social barriers, and improve the quality of their lives.

The following project ideas are in various stages of development (domain names registered by Concerned Connections.

Illustration page. 1/4/2007

"News is entertainment, and entertainment is news." How can we expose a new generation to the significant issues affecting our lives and the life of the planet - when we must compete with the likes of youtube, myspace-styled networks, and gaming? INAGG supports the use of computer gaming for the purpose of educating people and funding projects and organizations.

BETA, fully operational. January, 2007

A notice posting service assisting people in locating basic needs such as housing, jobs, and social activities, as it provides information on a wide range of social and environmental issues. The service will bring people into closer contact with different issues, and the organizations working in these areas.

Goals for individuals: fulfill personal needs such as housing, jobs, interests, hobbies, social activities, dating, economic and support functions. Provide comprehensive listings of organization meetings, local support groups, events, and media.

Goals for organizations: Assist organizations in gaining greater exposure, and developing closer relationships with the public and their members - bringing resource-oriented material together with personal issues, and assisting organizations in increasing a level of interaction amongst their membership.

Operational, in development. September, 2006

We list certain Website spaces based on what we think is a unifying thread - efforts to bring different kinds of people together, so they can trade information and utilize resources, so they can accomplish a range of goals. The sites we show represent either economic resources, or functions that enable people to come together with the intent to promote, in many different ways, purposeful actions.

The purpose of this exercise is to draw attention to the need for organizations that address serious problems in the world, to function more efficiently (collaboratively?) in solving problems.

Illustration page. September, 2006

Consider an organization whose purpose is to promote and educate for peace using standard marketing tools. In other words, a marketing group that promotes an image, a focus - that becomes as much a part of the culture as fashion jeans or cigarettes. If advertisers can sell anything, why not peace?

Art Is The Address

Clinical Engineering Review

Community Services Directory

Oh No Oh Yes

Sustainable Library Project

The Robot's Pen and Sword

Westchester Community Services

Illustration page. September, 2006

Projectmart, or P-Mart, presents an easy way for customers making a purchase to also make a contribution to specific projects, organizations, or large scale efforts, that help people and the planet. It also makes it easier for any commercial entity to associate themselves with a wide range of issues as well as specific projects.

Illustration page. August, 2006

News about, and from, interest groups and organizations - determined by those groups. Presented without editorial control or comment - without preference as to left, right, black, white, "right" or "wrong." Organizations and groups will post notices concerning what they perceive to be news-worthy events, and/or issues that relate to their work. Imagine juxtaposing news from a wide range of groups, searchable, categorized, and sorted by issue and date.

Illustration page. August, 2006

The mission of Treetop Library Resources is to increase interest in libraries, reading, and in a wider range of reading material, than is generally found in local libraries.

Added to the more traditional review sources librarians rely on to select reading material, Treetop Library Resources would provide reviews and distribution information regarding a wider range of material including non-traditional items such as zines, self-published books, and minor or independent publishers.

Illustration page. August, 2006

Facilitate local communities in bringing older and younger people together in a variety of social and educational settings.

Age Without Borders will address: isolation of both youth and elderly; generation gaps and misunderstandings; social skills and experiences; education programs and tutoring.


Illustration page. August, 2006

Face-to-face meetings with strangers may sound stranger and stranger as we head into the age of technology-based interpersonal communication, but that's what WAY (Who Are You) proposes.

Similar to Age Without Borders, WAY would facilitate local communities in developing and promoting meetings where people who are interested in meeting their neighbors can ask, "Who are you?"

Illustration page. April, 2006

Early development: display page is for illustrative purposes only.

Independently produced video documentaries are increasingly becoming a way for more personal views to be seen. RealLifeDocumentaries would produce low-cost DVD media presenting subjects ranging from big-city sights, to small-town life.

Recorded in cinema vérité style, sensational, interesting, personal, educational scenes, offer a sense of presence and place, not a storyboard glossy production of what a producer choreographs. This is an experiment in using video as a way to effectively cross geographical and esthetic borders, offering an alternative to highly produced, corporate-heavy, divisive media. In other words, we want to bring a view of the world back down to a human perspective, making it as accessible and as real as possible.

Illustration page. April, 2006

Early development: display page is for illustrative purposes only.

Home-made video documentary exchange service, enabling people living in different communities to exchange views with others similarly interested. RealLifeCommunities would allow people to select videos from a catalog, and/or send in a video of their own in exchange.

Early development.

The benefits of working at Wal-Mart. "For starters, you will be joining a winning team! Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the No. 1 retailer in the world with cutting-edge technology and a philosophy that keeps our company one step ahead of the rest. You will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. Many of our Associates are the best in the business. Take advantage of our mentoring program! We offer competitive wages, benefits and flexible work hours."

The benefits of working for the army. "Soldiers of the future will head into battle with lighter loads, enhanced body protection, better chow and more portable electrical power. Technologies like nanotechnology and photovoltaics (PVs) are evolving methods that are responsible for much of the improvements."

The Purpose of Ad For Real is not to criticize or discredit Wal-Mart, the Army, or any other organization, but to critique marketing techniques. Large organizations, including corporations and political parties, provide services, and a measure of social stability. But we all know that marketing exaggerates, at best, and lies, at worst. AdForReal would attempt to offset biases in the hard-sell.

Early development.

An online chronicle database for individuals to post experiences they have had, that have impacted others in some way. A kind of bulletin board for personal experiences. One record for each incident.

Examples: incidents occurring in war documented by soldiers and civilians; organizations someone started; teacher stories; Peace Corps experiences; nurses, doctors, medical situations; efforts by politicians, public policy makers; foster care, mentor, experience helping children; police and fire; volunteer work; inventions; corporate policy; union organizers; artists, performing arts, writers, composers; scientists, researchers; event organizers; etc.. Accounts would be searchable and sortable by category, date, location, etc..

Early development.

Challenging news organizations to add a segment to their reporting, standardizing the presentation of issues important in a given election. This is not exactly a "fairness in media" effort, but only the promotion of a specific format in a news segment by which news organizations - whether print, radio, or video - would make available a given set of issues.

The purpose of this format is to enable better tracking and comparison of relevant issues, day to day, and over the course of an election. The point is to offer an alternative to image oriented news, spin, or sound-bite clichés and jargon used by the various candidates, parties, and media.

The method is to promote the use of standard formats, unique to each media. The point is not to tell news organizations how they must present the news, but to encourage a shift that offers an alternative presentation format.

Early development.

Municipal Tours would provide support to villages, towns, or city governments, in organizing tours of the community - explaining issues, projects, problems, and goals. The mission is to provide an educational experience and to increase participation in local government.

Early development.

For the purpose of observing these processes first-hand - Public Observer would select individuals from the general public to attend world-wide negotiations and discussions concerning major political issues. Similar to Municipal Tours, the mission is to make governance accessible, in ways currently not available.