Something for Climate Change Activists

Let’s be reasonable.

We’re already adapting to climate change, or as it is also called, global warming – whichever. The point being, we need to continue learning to adapt, even if we can still avoid the worst of it.

Who’s going to adapt and how will it happen?

The focus here is on local communities – large, small, West coast, East coast, North, South – and the “adapting strategy” is to improve management of locally available resources (Local resources should always be effectively managed anyway, right?).

Makes sense: make good use of what you have at hand, then plan for what else you might need, as needs become apparent. But what resources are we talking about?

All communities need the basics: food, housing, clean water, tolerable temperatures, and so on. This we know. What is not as clear is how necessities – resources – may be threatened in the future.

Planning for the unknown.

This is a plan to develop effective networking of locally available resources – networking that is flexible and can respond to change as needed. This is locally based, that is, under local control – no Facebook-type reliance.  And it costs little or nothing to develop.

Is that asking too much?

Locally available resources – provided by existing nonprofit organizations.
Locally available information management – provided by the local public library.

The plan: Library Community Network.

This is a (prototype) directory listing of nonprofit services and activities available to the city of Peekskill, NY. This directory is only a beginning – a spearhead leading the way towards improved relationships between this city of 25,000, the local public library, and those nonprofits serving this community.

This is not a business; this is a calling, maybe a crusade.




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Not just for Greens: for all community development folks.