Two Cents More

Re Hudson Solar: until we clearly track the factors that make up this storied tale – what are they? storm water runoff, mud slides, broken

The Importance of Being Relevant

What’s important? Is it pedestrian safety (at the famous “Dummy Light” intersection of Old Post Rd S, and Grand)? Or other problem intersections? Bicycling on

Magic Wand

I have been proposing a community risk management process (CRM) for Croton for some time now, and recently met with a village official. At one

“Collaborate Your Community”

You’re a city, town, village – that is, you live in one of these and care about your community. Like everyone everywhere, you’ve got resources,

Losing With Facts

Trying to win with facts is like a boxing match using pillows instead of boxing gloves: you and your opponent will likely score a lot

Explaining Away Complaints

Many local governments have a problem: they know it, they ignore it, and it doesn’t go away. This problem goes by different names, like –

Something for Reference Librarians

The reference librarian should be at the very center of community life. Explain please. I’ll explain. It all begins with a directory of locally available services and

I love reference librarians.

I’ll bet that’s a sentiment not often expressed these days. Not due to any fault of the librarians, but for the tectonic-like shift in their

From Rags to Riches

Not exactly rags to riches: but from risks to resources. Let’s try and manage communities – villages, towns, cities – by connecting dots, or as

Dreamer, Do-gooder, Do-er

Not to disparage anyone, but I do have a reaction to do-gooder work, of which I also partake: much of it seems futile. For example,