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Concerned about what?

We believe--that in some ways it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to make personal contact in a world increasingly dominated by corporate owned media, and in some ways, like using the internet and various forms of electronic media, it is becoming easier. We hold that, whether it's books, pictures, or speech, individuals should have access to methods of communication enabling them to effectively circumvent barriers and come closer to the information source, whether that's a person or bureaucracy. And to do this, while respecting the rights of individuals in various cultures not to be bombarded by the desire to make a profit.

This is a work in process. Concerned Connections will promote the innovative use of communication media to address significant issues impacting how people live. This idea can be expressed in many forms, but basically what we're concerned about is community.

We believe that success in community living can be a natural cure for many forms of cultural ills that affect us personally. After all, the biggest government, largest corporation, most controlling media--blindly following profits wherever they may go--still has at its roots the communities in which they function.  Effect change in the lives of individuals, and you can have an effect on community. And the other way around.

Concerned How?

Concerned Connections presents the projects described in this site as examples of ways to express our mission.  We are developing the bulletin board service in order to demonstrate what Concerned Connections can do--take an ideal and develop it into a something that has a practical use.

Providing a notice posting service will assist people in locating basic needs such as housing, jobs, and social activities, plus providing information on a wide range of social and environmental issues. In so doing, the service will bring people into closer contact with many different issues including the organizations working in these areas.

Bulletin Board Goals

  • Provide a notice posting service to help people find what they want.
  • Present to the general public a wide range of issues and related organizations.
  • Enable members of organizations to feel like they are part of a larger community of people doing positive work.
  • To be an educational resource for a variety of social and environmental issues.
  • To assist organizations gain greater exposure for their work.
  • To promote resources and information exchange in a way that crosses organizational boundaries.
  • To help non-profit organizations involved in environmental and social issues establish a greater level of interaction amongst their membership.
  • To assist nonprofit organizations in developing closer relationships with those who support their causes by bringing together community oriented functions with progressive issues.

What's next

At this point, we're working on the web site and business plan, clarifying what we are attempting to do. During this period, we're building on personal relationships we hope will materialize into working relationships once the site is completed.