Library Community Network (LCN)

The beginning idea for LCN was a thought-question: How will communities be able to adapt to a changing future when the exact way the future will unfold is unknown?

A few people had already been thinking about that very thing; one such person took action: the Transition Network was born.

As was Library Community Network.

Shortly after Facebook was launched, and before we knew of it (not that would have made any difference), two of us launched Concerned Connections, later to be named The intent was to provide networking and public access to nonprofit organizations as well as providing social networking to anyone registering –  hopefully to “cross pollenate” the nonprofit do-gooders with the “average” citizen. It failed miserably, due to many things no doubt but lack of funding was glaringly apparent.

The next iteration of a concerned connection was, and still is, Library Community Network. It had its beginning as a way to answer the question: How will society adapt to changing global environments (due to global warming, but also resource depletion, pandemic, and economic dominance by the few) by better utilization of existing resources?